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Photo Studios Rental Software

Rent it Biz Studio™ is great for the modeling, film, and photo industries.

Schedule a photo shoot, reserve a space, rent out props and models, create quotes and bills for clients.

Rent it Biz Studio features include: quoting, reservations and scheduling, rentals, retail sales, billing/invoicing, customer, product, and employee management, custom rental agreements, custom rental product “how to use” sheets, extensive reporting capability and more.

Handles hourly, daily, and long-term rentals!

With Rent it Biz Studio™ you can increase revenues up to 15 percent and make life easier. This is achieved through rental revenue maximization, inventory controls, efficiency and costs savings, well trained employees, and greater customer satisfaction.

Here are a few examples:

  • Quoting, reserving, and delivering are seamless. No more double booking or loosing contact with potential customers
  • Customer management and marketing will bring the customer back every year
  • With real-time inventory control, you will never run out of product and never sit on slow-selling items
  • Up selling is effortless with related items auto suggest

Rent it Biz rental technology and smart screen designs make it easy for your staff members to learn, use, and navigate through the system.

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